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Deus Ex 《杀出重围》

Eidos Montreal's first-person adventure game Deus Ex: Human Revolution headlines this Year's North American and European multiplatform lineup.
广受好评《杀出重围》系列的第三代,计算机朋克主题的动作角色扮演游戏,目前正在Eidos Montreal开发.
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Batman Arkham Asylum 《蝙蝠侠:阿卡姆疯人院》

Based on the core BATMAN license, experience a unique, dark and atmospheric adventure that will take you to the depths of ARKHAM ASYLUM
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Tomb Raider 《古墓丽影》

Gaming's most famous heroine Lara Croft stars in the Tomb Raider games developed by Crystal Dynamics.
游戏届最有名的女英雄劳拉.克罗夫特诞生于《古墓丽影》游戏由Crystal Dynamics开发。
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Championship Manager 《冠军足球经理》

Championship Manager is the closest you'll ever come to the highs and lows of real football management. The latest game, Championship Manager 2010, offers a host of features never before seen in in a football management game.
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Hitman 《杀手》

Hitman is a multi-million selling video games franchise, designed by acclaimed developers IO Interactive.
《杀手》是一个销售数百万版权的电视游戏,由知名开发商IO Interactive设计。
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Kane & Lynch 《喋血双雄》

Kane & Lynch, a new franchise developed by IO Interactive in Copenhagen; the first game 'Kane & Lynch: Dead Men' was released in 2007 with a sequel due in 2010.
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Pony Friends 《小马朋友们》

Pony Friends lets young players create, groom, clean their own pony then take it for trail rides.
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Just Cause 《正当防卫》

A new installment in Avalanche Studios’ sandbox game Just Cause is due for release in 2010
新一代Avalanche 制作公司的沙盒游戏《正当防卫》将于在2010年发布
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Mini Ninjas 《迷你忍者》

Mini Ninjas is the latest videogame creation from IO Interactive, released in 2009.
《迷你忍者》是由IO Interactive公司创造的最新的电视游戏,将在2009年发布。
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Battlestations 《战役》

The recently released Battlestations: Pacific is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed real-time strategy and action title Battlestations: Midway
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